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E-mail, Marine Micro Technology Co. Ltd. (MMT), Wakamiya Haitsu 102, 4-12-1, Takakura, Iruma, Saitama, 358-0021, Japan.
For your rough estimation, Normal Towed type: 6000USD, Longlife Fixed type: 9000USD, Interface system 3000USD. Note that the price based on Japanese Yen. Handling and shipping fee are not included.

Consult us

Email: support@mmtcorp.co.jp

Customize your A-tag

1.Normal type or Longlife type?

Normal A-tag
Basic type of A-tag consists of CPU, flash memory, pressure resistant alminum case, and a stereo-hydrophone. Continuous 30 hours recording is possible. Intermittent recording enables much longer period of monitoring. Suitable for towing and tagging.
Longlife A-tag
Identical electronics with larger battery case. It works 1 month continuously. Suitable for fixed monitoring and long-term moving platform such as a ship, a glider or a drifting buoy.

2.Towed or Fixed or Tagged?

Towed type
"I" shape A-tag is for towing use behind a boat. If you can download data every day, Normal type is good enough. If you operate A-tag for a long time with a drifting buoy or a glider, Longlife type is recommended.
Fixed type
"T" shape A-tag is suitable to attach firmly on a seabed or a waterbreak. Two hydrophones are placed at the both end of "T" shape structure. Once you measure the direction of the baseline of the hydrophone), sound source bearing angle can be converted to absolute orientation such as North, South, East, West. This works to identify swimming direction and positions in a narrow passage of animals. Natually, Longlife type is recommended. If you wish to use buoy, "I-shape" will be better since it is hard to fix the direction of "T-shape" A-tag.
Tagged type
Tagged type should have minimal size. Just bear Normal type is fine. However, pressure resistant float, VHF transmitter, TDR or other biogigging system, geolocator may be nessessary to come with depending on research purposes. Consult with Tom Akamatsu.

3.Homogeneous or Hetergeneous hydrophone?

Homogeneous stereo hydrophone (MHP-140-140)
Stereo hydrophone MHP-140-140 has identical two hydrophones, which is most sensitive at 130kHz (-200.0dB re 1V/uPa). This is suitable for the area having only one species of odontocetes in a noisy environment
Heterogeneous stereo hydrophone (MHP-140-70)
Stereo hydrophone MHP-140-70 has two differnt hydrophones. The first one is most sensitive at 130kHz same as above.The second one is most sensitive at 70kHz(-200.2 dB re 1V/uPa). It is suitable to identify Phocoenidae species such as harbor porpoises and finless porpoises out of Delphinidae species using two band comparator.

4.Accessories and options

Interface system
At least one set of the interface system is needed for all users. This set consists of an interface box, cable and Logger Tools software, which is nessessary for setting up and downloading A-tag. Idencal set can be used for any types of A-tags such as Normal Towed, Normal Longlife, Fixed Longlife, Fixed Towed or tagging type.
Adapter ring
All towed type need this to fix hydrophones with A-tag.
Deep water option
Make it possible up to 2000 m operation. Longlife type only


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